Animal Sitters, Dog Trainers and Interns



Animal Sitter

Hello, my name is Bree. Animals have been a big part of my life, with having over 30 years experience with dogs and cats, and almost 20 with ferrets. I love that every animal has their own personality and enjoy learning what makes them unique. When I’m not with animals I enjoy journaling, crafting and gaming. I hope to one day program my own game.



Animal Sitter

My name is Lexi and I am an animal lover to the core. I love and care for each and every animal I meet. My dream job has always been a veterinarian but until then I am just happy to work with my furry friends! I am excited to have this job because this is what I love doing. Animals bring a special light into my life!



Trainer & Assistant Manager

My name is Sarah. I have been around animals my entire life, I started working with horses and dogs when I was 12 and did training and showing for 6 years. In my early 20 I went to full time work with dogs, studying behavior, training and observation. I have been training for the last 16 yrs. Dogs are my life and passion. I’m so excited to work with Happy Tailz and get to spend all my time helping dogs and building great relationships with dogs and their owners! 



Dog Trainer

Hello, my name is Philip. I’ve had a dog obsession for as long as I can remember. As a kid, I used to play the video game Nintendogs dreaming of the day I could take care of my own dog. My first job was taking care of dogs at a dog day care and I still volunteer at my local shelter. Now I’m proud to call 3 dogs part of my family! I love teaching them new things and I’ll love teaching your dog too! With positive teaching techniques, your dog will love it as well! I was inspired to study psychology in part by Dr. John Pilley who taught his dog Chaser over 1,000 words. I'm amazed at the level of communication that can be achieved between people and their dogs and I want as many people to experience that as possible!

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Dog Trainer

Hi, my name is Bri. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls in May 2021 with a Bachelor's Degree in Companion Animal Science. I have a versatile knowledge of dogs with my 8 years of experience in animal rescue, 3 years in veterinary work, 3 years in dog daycare, and 2 years of dog training. As a trainer, I wholeheartedly believe that I can achieve my clients’ desired results without ever inflicting pain, fear or intimidation on the dogs. My ultimate goals as a trainer is to bridge the communication gap between humans and dogs in addition to making the lives of dogs and their owners a more comfortable one!



Dog Trainer

Hi, My name is Jennifer! My work with dogs began in 2013 while I was a Junior at St. Thomas studying Biochemistry.  I became a dog handler at Dog Days St. Paul part-time while finishing my degree.  Though I tried to keep jobs in the biotechnology industry post-grad, my passion truly stayed with the dogs.  I became a handler full- time and spent the better part of the next decade in a group of dogs, learning about their behavior with one another and adopting my dogs Art and Shiva along the way. During my last "stint" in the biotech industry, I completed an online certification program through Animal Behavior College as a Dog Trainer; I received that certificate in July 2019.  I believe in creating harmonious households where dogs and humans understand each other's needs.  I also believe that where effective human-to-dog communication lives, good behaviors follow.



Dog Trainer

Hi! My name is Lindsey and Ive been working with dogs my whole life. At a very young age was always drawn to the animals that people would say were hard to handle. That same interest and connection with animals later led me to working in animal welfare, spay/neuter clinics, veterinary technician, shelter and rescue, animal control, daycare and boarding. Every single experience always circled back to dog training. I’ve spent the last ten years deep diving into all things dog training, focusing on cognition and behavior, specializing in enrichment, canine body language, mediation: dog and human relationships and aggression. If I’m not catching up on the latest scientific findings in the dog world, or modifying my techniques, I’m home spending time with my daughter, our Doberman Raven Blue, and our kitty Nira.