Dog Training

Providing Private Lessons at a Reasonable Price

Walking with Dogs

6-Week Basic Obedience Course

In this course, your dog will learn ALL of the basic commands such as sit, lay down, stay, come, off and many others! This course is tailored to your dog and schedule and personalized just for you! All ages are welcome!

It includes one weekly hour session, teaching you how to implement these skills through out the week and in your dogs everyday life!



6-Week Intermediate Course

Already know the basics or passed the Happy Tailz 6 Week Basic Obedience Course? This is the next level and step for you! In this course, we will advance those basic commands you have learned and will build the relationship with your dog while we add Duration, Distraction and Distance.  This course you are able to CHOOSE between 8 different advancing skills that you would like to focus on.

Advanced Leash Work



Long Stays



Polite Greeting


It includes a weekly hour session, private in your home with a custom homework plan!



*If you pass Basic Obedience the

Price is $410

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Dog Training

6-Week Advanced Course

In order to take this course, you must have passed Happy Tailz Basic and Intermediate course or an equivalent with a different training company*

In this course, we take what we have learned in both basic and intermediate to create a more advanced skill set with new tricks, harder tasks and more fun! You are able to choose from a list of commands during your 6 week course and determine what ones would best suit your lifestyle and dogs future skill set!

Some of the options are included below:

Take It/Hold It

Drop It/ Give


Catch It

Speak or Quiet


Shake or High Five






Roll Over

Find It

This plan is 6 weeks long, one hour a week with a custom plan and homework plan tailored to you!



*If completed both Basic and Intermediate with Happy Tailz

Price: $380

Single Session

If you are not looking to commit to 6-weeks and would like a refresher or just help with one specific command or behavior modification, this is the course for you!

One hours  and 90 minute sessions teach you how to implement these skills through out the week and in your puppies everyday life! They are also best for behavioral issues and focusing on one to two issues!

60 Minute Price

$100 Per Session

$180 for 2

$240 for 3

90 Minute Price

*Recommended for Behavior Issues

$180 Per Session

$340 for 2

$480 for 3

*After buying 3 its goes back to

single session pricing. All prices above are for one dog only. If multiples, contact for more information!

Behavior Consultation

30 Minute Session- $50

*Views dogs behavior before choosing how many sessions per trainers recommendation

6 Week Behavior Training Program

*This program is for dogs with behavior issues only. This focuses on things like nipping, reactivity, leash aggression, Dog on Dog Aggression, People Aggression, etc.

90 Minute Sessions, once a week!



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"First training session today with Sarah and my pup. So far, so good! Very caring and understanding of the needs of my new adoptee. Clear instructions on what to train and how to train for next weeks session"


"Sarah has been a great trainer so far! She has worked with us for about four weeks now and has been amazing! My dog struggled a lot with leash pulling, reactivity, and a lot of other stuff as well. Sarah was able to help him as well as teach me how to help him in these situations. After every session I learned a lot and so did he. I looked everywhere for dog trainers and I’m super happy that I went with Happy Tailz and was able to meet Sarah! I think the price is very fair, they respond very quickly and are able to be super flexible. I’m excited to continue to watch how my dog continues to grow and learn with the rest of our sessions."


"Kelsey has helped my German shepherd tremendously. With only 2 sessions I can tell a difference in how my puppy response and acts. Kelsey shows confidence in what she knows and proves that her ways to really make a difference."


"Absolutely worth it. They come to your home and are so knowledgeable, polite and friendly! Elie has been so good for my 12 week old and 4 year old learning to live together."


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