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Dog Training

Providing Private Lessons In The Comfort Of Your Home At A Reasonable Price

Dog Collar

6 Week
Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Course

60-90 Min Lessons
Private In-Home
Once a Week
Custom Plan
Custom Homework

"Great start for puppies or dogs with slim to no training"

"My dog knows basic commands, just struggles with listening every time. I want my dog to be better."

"Listens and knows all commands with distance, duration and distraction, but I want more control in public place. Prep Course for Canine Good Citizen."


Behavioral Training
L1, L2 and L3

L1 Behavioral Modification
6 Week

0ne- 90 Minute Session Weekly
"My dog has minor bad behavior issues, Please help!"

L2 Behavioral Modification
8 Week

Two- 90 Minute Sessions Weekly
"I can't control my dog. He/she is very difficult to handle."

L3 Behavioral Modification
10 Week

Three- 90 Minute Sessions Weekly
"Extreme issues with aggression. He may bite."

Whippet Dog


60-90 Minute Sessions
Private In-Home
Custom Plan
Custom Homework

"My dog only needs help with  one 1-2 specific commands and has basic obedience training."

Cookapoo Dog

2 Week
Doggy Day Train


Between 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
2 Hour Lessons
Private In-Home
Custom Homework Plan

"I want my dog to have training everyday while I am at work, but also to get a walk and play/potty time"

One Hour Train
30 Min Walk/Leash Train
30 Min Play/Snuggle/Feed

Playful Corgi

Combo Plan + Yearly Plan Add-On

"I want my dog to have a variety of training courses at a discounted price!"


L1 Behavior+Basic
L2 Behavior+Intermediate
L3 Behavior+Advanced

Yearly Training Add-On
Receive up to 4- one hour Zoom or in person sessions throughout the year for review, questions or concerns!

Pitbull Portrait

Happy Reactive and Puppy Socialization at Angles Pet World, Hudson, WI

4 Week Group Courses
One Hour Sessions
Weekly Homework
Angels Pet World, Hudson WI

Happy Reactive
"My dog LOVES people and dogs way too much and cannot seem to calm down. He/she totally loses all concept of commands in public, but has basic obedience"

Puppy Socialization
"My dog has never had any supervised play or basic obedience. I am a new owner looking to learn more about dog ownership and responsibilities"

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We Will Follow Up Soon!

"First training session today with Sarah and my pup. So far, so good! Very caring and understanding of the needs of my new adoptee. Clear instructions on what to train and how to train for next weeks session"


"Sarah has been a great trainer so far! She has worked with us for about four weeks now and has been amazing! My dog struggled a lot with leash pulling, reactivity, and a lot of other stuff as well. Sarah was able to help him as well as teach me how to help him in these situations. After every session I learned a lot and so did he. I looked everywhere for dog trainers and I’m super happy that I went with Happy Tailz and was able to meet Sarah! I think the price is very fair, they respond very quickly and are able to be super flexible. I’m excited to continue to watch how my dog continues to grow and learn with the rest of our sessions."


"Kelsey has helped my German shepherd tremendously. With only 2 sessions I can tell a difference in how my puppy response and acts. Kelsey shows confidence in what she knows and proves that her ways to really make a difference."


"Absolutely worth it. They come to your home and are so knowledgeable, polite and friendly! Elie has been so good for my 12 week old and 4 year old learning to live together."


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