Dog Training

Providing Private Lessons at a Reasonable Price

Walking with Dogs

6-Week Basic Puppy Course

In this course, your puppy will learn ALL of the basic commands such as sit, lay down, stay, come, off and many others! This course is tailored to your puppy and schedule and personalized just for you!

It includes one weekly hour session, teaching you how to implement these skills through out the week and in your puppies everyday life!


$510 paid upfront or

$100 weekly (payment plan).

Save $90 when you pay upfront!

6-Week Intermediate Course

Already know the basics or passed the Happy Tailz 6 Week Puppy Basic Obedience Course? This is the next level and step for you! In this course, we will advance those basic commands you have learned and will build the relationship with your dog while we add Duration, Distraction and Distance.  This course you are able to CHOOSE between 8 different advancing skills that you would like to focus on.

Advanced Leash Work



Long Stays



Polite Greeting


It includes a weekly hour session, private in your home with a custom homework plan!


$510 paid upfront or

$100 weekly (payment plan).

Save $90 when you pay upfront!

Image by Courtney Roberson
Image by Taylor Kopel

Single Session

If you are not looking to commit to 6-weeks and would like a refresher or just help with one specific command or behavior modification, this is the course for you!

One hours  and 90 minute sessions teach you how to implement these skills through out the week and in your puppies everyday life! They are also best for behavioral issues and focusing on one to two issues!

60 Minute Price

$100 Per Session

$90 Per Session (2 purchased)

$80 Per Session (3 purchased)

90 Minute Price

*Recommended for Behavior Issues

$130 Per Session

$120 Per Session (2 purchased)

$110 Per Session (3 Purchased)

*After buying 3 its goes back to

single session pricing.

Meet The Trainers



Hi, I'm Luke, a life long dog lover. I am passionate about teaching other people how dogs learn and I love seeing the results. I rescued a reactive dog 3 years ago and that's inspired me to learn all I could about how dogs operate and how we humans can communicate and work with them to give them the confidence they need to live their best life. I am certified in R+ and balanced training techniques so I'm able to accommodate the dog and owner with all aspects of dog training if needed. I look forward to helping people have a great relationship with their dogs through structure and fairness.


My name is Kelsey and I am the owner of Happy Tailz. I am a Certified Dog Training and really enjoy my time with animals and doing my job all day every day. My main focus for training is Obedience and teaching the basic cues! I typically take the young, brand new puppies and teach them how to be polite dogs!


My name is Sarah. I have been around animals my entire life, I started working with horses and dogs when I was 12 and did training and showing for 6 years. In my early 20 I went to full time work with dogs, studying behavior, training and observation. I have been training for the last 16 yrs. Dogs are my life and passion. I’m so excited to work with Happy Tailz and get to spend all my time helping dogs and building great relationships with dogs and their owners! 

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